Boats UMS TUNA 545

           Boat TUNA 545 AL - was designed last in the top three buildings of the Scandinavian series. By this time, all the innovative design developments, assembled and implemented in two buildings of the line have already gained momentum.
However, the intermediate version differs not only in size. In this case it was possible to gather together and realize the best features and characteristics of each series: it is both small weight, and controllability of the younger brother TUNA 485 AL, and a spacious cockpit, and excellent seaworthiness of the flagship TUNA 585 AL.
The hydrodynamic quality and weight of the TUNA 545 AL case allows you to use it with confidence for a crew of four with an outboard motor with a capacity of only 60 k and show good speed.
Note that the entire series was created for difficult operating conditions in open water. Uncompromisingly strong and reliable case will be a convenient universal solution for active family recreation, fishing and hunting, diving. High roll resistance allows you to confidently perform maneuvers at the highest speeds. All-weather boat with complex contours and excellent seaworthiness boasts a spacious cockpit, one of the best in class. In the process of equipping the hull, we eliminated rivets and bolts - all parts are securely welded to the hull, which ensures long-term operation without the need for maintenance of your boat. The high quality of the hull assembly allows you to make boats without additional color, which is a hallmark in the art of welding. The lack of fiberglass and plywood determines the unprecedented unpretentiousness of the case when operating in different climatic conditions.