Boats UMS TUNA 585

           We bring to your attention the flagship model of the Scandinavian series. Innovative design developments are collected and implemented in a stylish modern case TUNA 585 AL definitely determined the popularity of this model.
Created for difficult conditions of operation on open reservoirs, the uncompromising strong and reliable case will become the convenient universal decision for active, family rest, fishing and the decision of business tasks. High roll resistance allows you to confidently perform maneuvers at the highest speeds. A boat with complex contours and excellent navigability. We have eliminated rivets and bolts - all parts are securely welded to the hull, which ensures long-term operation without the need for maintenance of your boat. The high quality of the hull assembly allows to make boats without additional coloring.
You can long and happily describe a quality product, which is proud of the production, but every motorist knows that it is better to feel the boat with your own body in the wave. Therefore, we suggest you do not hesitate, but rather become the happy owner of the best case and enjoy walking in stormy weather.