Boat UMS TUNA 655 CC


Body length, m 6,00

The greatest width, m 2,30

Sedimentation, m 0,45

Dry weight (without engine), kg 825

Engine power, hp 175

Passenger capacity, 7
Boat Tuna 655 CC AL - these 6-meter boats are already serious vessels for rest and work on the water. Powerful, reliable housings with 4 mm bottom trim are trustworthy, and the best performance combined in these housings brings together excellent running and hydrodynamic characteristics..

Basic equipment of the boat Tuna 655 СC AL:
- All-welded aluminum body
- Self-draining cockpit
- Spacious feed stall
- Nasal locker
- Curbstone in front of the console
- Crinoline with a ladder
- Steering with the hydraulic booster in a set (a wheel, the pump, a lath, hoses)
- Built-in stationary fuel system 180l
- Running navigation lights, top light
- Center console with glazing (glass - triplex)
- Armchairs
- Soft pads on the bow and stern stalls
- Electric pump (automatic)
- Mass breaker
- Electrical equipment control panel
- Rosette 12V
- Foundry equipment
- Mooring equipment