UMS has been building aluminum boats since the beginning of the new millennium

The Ukrainian company UMS was founded in 2000 in Kyiv.In 2003, our company started to export its products. In particular, boats and trailers under the UMS brand are operated in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Romania, Georgia, Ghana, and other countries of the world.

Specialized European publishing houses in the process of conducting technical tests constantly assign the best marks for seaworthiness and high-quality construction of hulls.

UMS is known in the industry for its welding work and often builds boats for other manufacturers.

UMS is characterized by quality and reliability, even the smallest boats do not have aluminum less than 3 mm thick. The unique construction of the hulls gives the boats high hydrodynamic performance. In combination with modern design, a perfect product is created.

UMS also designs and builds patrol and other specialized boats for professional use. Currently, they have been successfully used for many years by such services as the State Emergency Service, various units of the Police, the State Border Guard of Ukraine, the Maritime Guard and many others.

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Why UMS Aluminum Boats?

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Smooth and economical driving

These characteristics are achieved due to the carefully calculated geometry of the hull. A sharper keel angle in the central part provides a smooth ride and improves speed characteristics. And a less sharp angle in the aft part gives stability during parking. In combination, these parameters allow to reduce fuel consumption and improve maneuverability.

As an example, the UMS 585DC has a keel angle of 18 degrees at the transom and 24 degrees at the midship.



During production we use high-quality aluminum alloy 5083 H111, it is known for magnesium additive, which improves standard aluminum characteristics. It is also called “marine” for its excellent corrosion resistance in aggressive environments.


100% aluminum, nothing organic

The absence of wooden or plastic elements in the boat construction gives it strength, and most importantly – durability.


Nano – extended shine

Nanopassivation is an anti-oxidation chemical treatment of aluminum that provides additional metal protection and an unrivaled appearance. After treatment, the surface acquires a water-repellent effect and a glossy shine, like after lacquer treatment, but much stronger.

Nanopassivation of the entire boat requires a lot of time time and a completely dust-free environment. So we decided to offer nanopassivation as an option.


Inverted chine

All UMS hulls have a so-called “inverted chine”. This means that there is an end piece that has a “negative” angle at the junction of the hull and the board. This provides a number of benefits, including better grip when turning and deflecting splash away from the hull, preventing water from getting inside the boat.



Powerboats typically have a “glide threshold” where the boat rises in the bow before reaching glide speed.

We increased the angle of inclination of the transom to 19 degrees, which provided a more balanced position of the engine relative to the hull. And thereby minimize the “glide threshold”.


Aluminum boat manufacturing technology

All UMS boats are built in the jigs where separate aluminum parts are fitted before welding. This production technique takes more time than others, but it guarantees that the result will always be perfect, even and without tension in the hull. Then all longitudinal and transverse reinforcements are built up inside the hull. They give the boat enormous rigidity and strength!

Than the hull is filled with buoyancy elements.


Fastening for fishing equipment

Most of the boats as a standard are delivered with a so-called C-profile on the upper part of inner board. Holders of various equipment can be mounted in this profile. From rod holder to action camera holder.


SunDeck / FishDeck

Now you can order a folding platform for sunbathing or fishing.

When not in use, it can be stowed away and unfolded at any time if necessary.

Perfect solution if you want to have a more versatile boat. With it, you can go on vacation with your family or go fishing with friends.

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